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Sandown is the Isle of Wights "tourist" beach with many little beach shops and great food! These are some of the scenic views from around this area
O1536 First light at Sandown bayO1522 Lightning above Culver - SandownO1513 Culver downs covered in snowO1511-Sandown-in-the-snowO1498 Autumn sunset from CulverO1465 Sunny days at Yaverland beachPANO-O1405-Sandown-pier-from-Shanklin-beachO1405 Sea mist over Sandown bayO1406 Golden bay in sea mistP1321 Sandown pier at sunriseP1322 Sunrise at Sandown beachP1319 Moon over SandownP1296 Moody blues - SandownA1510 A pair of empty deck chairs - Sandown beachA1512Summer time on the beachP1132 Sunset on Sandown beachP1045 Sandown bay at dawnA1004 Sandown at dawn