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With the sun coming out during August, it could only mean one thing. Bank Holiday weekend with the scooters!

This year I managed to pop out for a bit and enjoy the atmosphere down on the sea front before we all noticed that the hideout had started 10 minutes early. With so many scooters this year, it was hard to get everyone's snapshot but don't worry..... I'll get you next year.
Scooter rideout 1Scooter rideout 2Scooter rideout 3Scooter rideout 4Scooter rideout 5Scooter rideout 6Scooter rideout 7Scooter rideout 8Scooter rideout 9Scooter rideout 10Scooter rideout 11Scooter rideout 12Scooter rideout 13Scooter rideout 14Scooter rideout 15Scooter rideout 16Scooter rideout 17Scooter rideout 18Scooter rideout 19Scooter rideout 20