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O1594 Sea level Needles - Round the island 2019 raceO1565 Moon lit Needles (Portrait)O1534 The Needles - Round the Island 2018O1533 Drifting past the Needles - Round-the-Island-2018O1497 Western Sunset - NeedlesO1462 Yarmouth pier sunsetO1461-Yarmouth-sunset-bluebells-O1433 Totland boats by the beachO1430 Yarmouth pier at SunsetO1415 Needles sunsetO1416 Sunset on Alum bay beachSE1012 The Needles during the Island raceSE1005 Racing past the NeedlesPA1356 Close up NeedlesP1357 Alum bay at summerP1354 JP The NeedlesO1391 Headon Warren at sunsetP1261 Needles at duskP1350 The NeedlesP1131 Headon warren during sunset