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O1585 Grey sky above St Catherine's lighthouseO1520 Star gazing at St Catherine'sO1510 St Catherine's Lighthouse in the snowO1509-Light-peaking-at-St-CatherinesO1491 Milky way at the Pepper potO1492 Vertical Milky way at the OratoryO1450 Altair star above Monkey rockO1440 St Catherine's lighthouseO1432 Sunset at the PepperpotPE1001 Racing through St CatherinesP1358 Surnise at St CatherinesP1327 Milkyway castlehavenA1045 Wild flowers of St CatherinesP1255 Lighting at St Catherine'sA1043 The old lighthouse - pepperpotP1246 The lonely boat Milkyway - Castlehaven