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O1603 Shanklin beach Milky wayO1574 Sunrise pathway through wild garlic - ShanklinO1508 Shanklin in the snowO1507 Shanklin old village in the snowO1408 Shanklin beach at sunrisePANO-O1405-Sandown-pier-from-Shanklin-beachO1408-Shanklin-beach-at-sunriseP1338 Milkyway Shanklin boatP1337 Milkyway at ShanklinP1339 Shanklin fishermans cottage MilkywayP1188 Horseshoe ledge dawnP1183 Luccombe Bay at sunriseP1181 Shanklin beach at DawnP1177 Snowdrops at ShanklinO1395 Beach hut reflections - ShanklinO1395 Shanklin beach hutsA1040 Sunrise over Shanklin Chine