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Compton is the Islands gem when it comes to beaches. The sun sets perfectly across the sea producing some of the best sunsets on the island. It is also home to very little light pollution, avid Milky way photographers enjoy light free photography.
O1593 Brook beach milky wayO1586 Grey skies above south Wight - Blackgang view pointO1583 Sunshine through the clouds - ComptonO1575 Compton bay milky wayO1569 Military road Milky way - ComptonO1557 Compton beach sunsetO1456 Calm blues - Brook beachO1466 Compton sun setting behind FreshwaterO1467 Compton beach Milky way - Eta AquarlidO1458 Sunset over Compton BeachO1457-Moon rise at Compton beachO1456 Calm blues Milky-way - Brook-beachO1448 Albatross MilkywayO1426-Compton-bay-sunsetO1424 Brook beach pebblesO1425 A Romantic walk to Brook beachO1423 Brook beach sunsetP1344 Compton beach milkyway reflectionsP1283 Sunset waves at Compton beachP1279 Compton orange sunset