Glass wall art promoGlass art gives a modern twist to our traditional canvas and poster prints. We use 4mm thick toughened and beveled edge glass, which helps to enhance the picture providing a glossy face with polished edges. This gives a high definition appearance to the photograph. We place wall hangers on the back for a no hassle, stress free installation.

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What is Glass wall art?

Something very different from your normal everyday canvas!

Glass art gives a modern twist to the traditional canvas or poster print. We use 4mm thick toughened and beveled edge glass ( the real stuff, not acrylic glass that can mark and scratch very easy! ). This gives a high definition appearance to the photograph. We place wall hangers on the back for a no hassle, stress free installation.

  • Modern high gloss wall art
  • 4mm Toughened and beveled glass (not acrylic)
  • Supplied ready to hang – Sits 10mm off the wall
  • All Printed in store, no need to wait!

Once you have found the photo you wish to purchase, the shopping cart will have all the prices and dimensions ready to order.

Glass art sizes - Order online or by phone

(250mm x 1000mm) Small panoramic - £55.00

(420mm x 594mm) Small rectangle- £60.00

(600mm x 900mm) Large rectangle- £100.00

(420mm x 800mm) Small rectangle panoramic - £70.00

(600mm x 1200mm) x-Large rectangle- £175.00 (pick up only)

- Custom orders -

(850mm x 1500mm) Massive size //Special orders only £350.00 - (pick up only)

(420mm x 1500mm) x-large panoramic // Special orders only £175.00 - (pick up only)

Glass artwork takes 2-3 days to print and mount. Once completed, we will send an email to confirm the order is ready for collection or shipment.

We recommend that you do not use picture wire to hang glass wall art. This will lead to stress to the glass wall art and create defects that are in repairable.

Shipping costs


We use a team of couriers to get your glass art safely to your home. Making sure the Glass art is well packaged and suitable for transit. We aim to dispatch orders within 3-5 days after the order ( Sometime taking longer if larger pieces of glass art have been ordered). You will receive a email confirmation once the items have left us, so you can get excited about something arriving in the post...

We print 100% of our products from our own print studio at the Oasis store, Isle of Wight.


Medium package (Small and medium sized glass art)- £14.95

Large package (Panoramic's and large sized glass art)  - £17.95

Bulky Package (Special orders and x-large sized glass art) - Pick up from store only 

Glass wall art, something a little different The only place you can get Isle of Wight Glass wall art.All the photographs you see on this website can be printed onto something a little different than your boring canvas. Glass wall art has been very popular for homes, hotels, estate agents and more.

Comes pre boxedGlass wall art packagingWe package your Glass art ready for transport. boxed glass artAll packaged ready to go! We print and dispatch once your print has been completed


Tough glass!4mm Toughened glassWe only use 4mm toughened and beveled edge glass for safety. Whats behind the glass art?Whats behind the glass art?All the glass art is printed with a protective PVC backing and come with invisible hangars, pre installed.